OASIS Common Base Events

Someone pointed out the OASIS CBE document to me the other day, so I took a few minutes to read about it, and found it very enlightening. It’s very difficult to design a set of data that fits everyone’s needs, yet CBE does an admirable job of it.

In my 10 years experience with event system design (eDirectory internal event system design/maintenance), I’ve found it most useful to provide a variant-record system, where the event type (generally a number or a schema-based string) defines the format of the event data. However, this wide-open way of doing things leaves something to be desired for those wanting to automate the process of dredging for specific bits of data, while not knowing in advance all of the record types that might be processed. Generally, this problem is solved by building the event processing system such that it ignores all events of which it has no fore-knowledge.

Still, even in the eDirectory event system, there were several data fields that eventually came to be recognized as “common data”, or data common to all events, regardless of their meaning, origin, or purpose. CBE attempts to define these data fields on a much broader scale, and I’d say they’ve succeeded. More on this topic later…

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