The Bandit Project

The bandit project has come a long way since its original inception a couple of years ago. During the last year, we’ve made a fair amount of headway along many avenues: The Higgins project code base is becoming more mature. We’ve been added as contributors to the Pamela Project. We’re working with Pam Dingle to help streamline the PHP RP code found there. We’re dramatically improving the interface on our own relying party (RP). You can see these changes take place almost daily.

The OpenXDAS project is reaching its 1 year mark – at which time we’d like to be able to finally release version 1.0 – a feature complete version of the original XDAS preliminary specification (XPS). During this work, we’ve found a few places where the XPS is lacking a little.

With help from our friends at the Open Group, we’ve been able to reinstate the XDAS working group, and we have several key contributors working to bring this specification up to date with today’s needs. Potential changes include defining the API in terms of an object model and a set of abstract messages, so that language bindings can easily be added based on the specification, rather than define it tightly in C. We’re considering a more flexible hierarchical taxonomical numbering system, and a change in the record format syntax to allow for easy insertion of URI-like names in the key data fields. In addition, we’re adding some new events to the standard XDAS taxonomy that allow for standardized management of work flow like events.

Recently we added a new component to the bandit-project site – an open source identity card selector for Linux called Digital Me. This is the open source GNU/Linux functional equivalent to the Windows card selector that’s built into to Vista, and can be downloaded from MS for Windows XP. Check it out for yourself – you can download and install it on any rpm-based GNU/Linux installation, or you can get the source and build it yourself.

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  1. Don Park says:

    whats the status of the Bandit/Digital me project? Its hard to get a feel for it. The trac site shows a bunch of tickets but no source code.

    id like to try compiling DigitalMe for ubuntu but the only source provided is an .rpm file. the svn repo browser doesnt give the svn repo url – do you know what it is?

    i think the information card approach with a local identity manegement application is the way to go and id like to see an open source/open protocols version of this go forward. thanks!

  2. Andy Hodgkinson says:


    The “bleeding-edge” SVN repository for DigitalMe is Whenever we complete a significant milestone (currently working on 0.4), the Eclipse/Higgins CVS repository is also updated.

    I agree that we need to post a source bundle in an alternate format. When I post a new build sometime in the next few days, I plan on including a source .tar.gz.

    It has been a few weeks since I last tried building DigitalMe on Ubuntu (64-bit Edgy). At that time, there were a few fixes that were needed to get everything to build (subsequently checked in), but I was able to run DigitalMe without any significant issues.

    We haven’t taken the time to add support to our build scripts to generate a .deb package for Ubuntu, but you should be able to compile, link, and run the binary using the code from our SVN repository. We use cmake as part of our build process, so you will need to install it before running the configure script.

    DigitalMe is currently very usable. I primarily use two machines: an Open SuSE 10.2 laptop and an Apple MacBook Pro. I have DigitalMe installed on both and end up using it several times each day.



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